wiki novel sci-fi
wiki novel sci-fi

Timeline of Earth & Universe

Billion Years Ago

  13.82 Big Bang
  5.5 Our solar system and earth forms
  5.4 planet hits earth, creating moon
  4.5 First life on earth
Million Years Ago
  600 Cambrian explosion of life
  250 The Permian–Triassic (P–Tr) extinction event, colloquially known as the Great Dying, over 90% of life goes extinct
  65 Asteroid wipes out 50% of life; everything over 100 lbs., including dinosaurs (human, reptile and bird ancestors survive)
  40 India slams into Asia
55 28 Florida emerges from underwater
  6 to 34 Giant "terror" birds lived in Argentina, ate small horses
  5 Giant "terror" birds from South America, 7 feet high, lived in Texas and Florida (Citrus & Gilchrist Counties)
  5 to 10 The actual last common ancestor of chimps and humans
10 4.4 Ardi, 4 ft. high female primate, walked upright
5 3.2 Lucy, first known human-like primate (hominid)
  3 Central America land bridge gap closed in Panama
  2.6 earliest known stone tools
BC 581,000 common male and female ancestor from DNA studies
  135,000 Thousands of humans in Africa, 
  80,000 Modern humans left Africa
  28,000 Ice age begins, exposing Bering Sea land bridge from Siberia to Alaska, Eskimos began crossing.
  14,000 Paleo-Indians entered what is now Florida at least 14,000 years ago.
  10,000 Indians reach South America
  6,000 to 10,000 Possible Garden of Eden in Southern Turkey where the Tigris & Euphrates originate or Southern Iraq where these rivers flow into the Persian Gulf. The word Mesopotamia translated is "the land between the Tigris & Euphrates rivers.''
  5,600 Warming begins, Mediterranean Sea rises causing Great Black Sea flood, according to Robert Ballard
  3,400 Prehistory ended with the invention of hieroglyphics and similar writings
  2,800 End of ice age - Bering Sea land bridge covered by water
  1,490 Moses fled Egypt - maybe
  660 Byzantium founded
  4 Chinese observe supernova which may have been the Star of Bethlehem
  ? Eskimos venture south, becoming American Indians
  ? American Indians enter Central America
  ? Humans enter China
  ? humans enter Europe
AD (Anno Domini)
  79 Vesuvius erupted.
  95 John of (the Greek island of) Patmos wrote Revelation.
  325 Bible compiled to fulfil order of 25? scripts from Roman Emperor Constantine the Great 
  330 Byzantium renamed Constantinople by Constantine the great.
  1436 Gutenberg press invented, perfected 1450
  1454 first Bibles printed, version ?
  1930 Constantinople renamed Istanbul
  7012 Earth's magnetic field predicted to reverse

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