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Last Shuttle to Mars

  • 1.1G Year 2048 -Escaping Earth from Cecil Spaceport, Jacksonville, FL

A houseboat sits on the St. Johns River next to the Palatka, FL bridge. Inside, two beautiful teenage girls are watching TV with their parents.


"Welcome to world news at noon, February 17, 2048. This is Richard Wicket reporting. Hold the ones you love this Valentine's Day; it may be the last one, because:


Global warming continues, seas are rising, glaciers are melting, and deserts are dryer. Tensions in the Middle East are esculating. Lava pressure in the entire mid-Atlantic mountain ridge is increasing, threatening super eruptions capable of destroying all life on earth.


Now here is a message from the President of the United States."

President Cain:

This is a very new wiki website, please come back for more soon. You may submit your ideas or correct anything that is not scientifically accurate, but remember, it is also sci-fi.


Future Chapters

  • 2.1G Enroute to Mars on NASA's Starship Enterprise

  • 3.1G Living in the Lava Tubes of Olympus Mons (Mount Olympus), Mars

  • 4.1G Exploring the Grand Canyon of Mars - Valles Marineris (Mariner Valley)

  • 5.1G Terraforming Mars

  • 6.1G Finding Utopia in a Lava Tube of Mariner Valley

Here's where you can contribute your ideas, images, cgi movies and more. You can also help with our cast of characters and timeline.


I would like to have as much fact in these novels as possible (scientific, geological, future spaceships, settlement of the moon, mars, etc.).

Both movies have sound

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Site Creation Date - An Interactive wiki novel creation site, which could evolve into tv series or movies.


I am working on this website so keep coming back for more


Currently 4 novels in progress, G and PG-rated; 3 are sci-fi (Paradise Planet, Last Shuttle to Mars, Magical Mystical Miniature Circus), and 1 romance (We Met at a Dance), but you can add more.


The reader can choose the rating for each novel and go to comedy, romance, fantasy, sex, sexual comedy, adventure, discovery, battle, and more at various points in the story.

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