wiki novel sci-fi
wiki novel sci-fi

Timeline: Future Technology, TV & Space Travel, with Paradise Planet Storyline Inserted

2018 and 2019 for now but much more to come.

Actual predicted timeline in black, Paradise Planet and spin-offs in red. 

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2018 A missile defence shield is deployed in Europe
2018 The first private supersonic jet
2018 The African Central Bank is established
2018 East Africa's largest ever infrastructure project
2018 Russia hosts the FIFA World Cup
2018 The first manned flights from Russia's new spaceport
2018 The James Webb Space Telescope is launched
2018 The Japanese Hayabusa-2 probe arrives at 1999 JU3
2018 Completion of the 100,000 Genomes Project
2018 Universal flu vaccine
2018 Polio has been eradicated
2018 A drug to prevent obesity
2018 Crossrail opens in London
2018 The City Circle Line opens in Copenhagen
2018 The Transbay Transit Center is completed in San Francisco
2018 Many complex surgeries are performed by robots
2018 Robot insect drones are in military use
2018 Ubiquitous internet nodes connect appliances, vehicles, etc.
2018 Consumer devices with 100 Gbit/s transfer speeds
2018 Portable, long-range 3D scanning
2018 Scientists drill into Earth's mantle
2018 The Mackenzie Valley Pipeline is completed in Canada
2018 The market for biofuels is experiencing a period of rapid growth
2018 The last of Nigeria's rainforests have been felled
2019 3D printing becomes a mainstream consumer technology
2019 China's first high-tech stealth fighter enters service
2019 A new generation of U.S. tanks
2019 British troops leave Germany
2019 The ExoMars rover touches down on Mars
2019 The first manned outpost beyond the Moon begins assembly
2019 The first mission to a gas giant using solar sail propulsion
2019 The first prototype Stratobus is launched
2019 Launch of the BIOMASS mission
2019 Europe's Galileo satellite navigation system is fully operational
2019 Computers break the exaflop barrier
2019 Bionic eyes with high resolution are commercially available
2019 A vaccine to treat melanoma
2019 Connected vehicle technology is being deployed in a number of countries
2019 Automated freight transport
2019 US copyright begins to expire, starting with all works from 1923
2019 LEDs dominate the lighting industry
2019 Jordan opens its first nuclear power plant
2019 The East Side Access subway extension opens in New York
2019 The Aral Sea disappears from the map


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