wiki novel sci-fi
wiki novel sci-fi

Year 2048, Love on Florida Beach, First Alien Contact

Wiki Novel - Paradise Planet


Chapter 1.1 G rated



All news programs are reporting: Global warming continues, seas are rising, glaciers are melting, and deserts are dryer. Tensions in the Middle East are increasing. Lava pressure in the entire mid-Atlantic mountain ridge is increasing, threatening super eruptions capable of destroying all life on earth.


 Cape Canaveral National Seashore, Playa Linda Beach, PIER 13 (Near Kennedy Space Center)


It Was A Quiet Summer Day.  Two lovers are laying on the beach.  

Mary asks “Are they having a space launch today?”


Mark replies “They don't launch rockets any more. All launches are horizontal, like airplanes.  Why do you ask?”


Mary: Because I feel the ground trembling.  Would you mind looking?


Mark: I see something on the horizon.  Looks like a luminescent purple explosion.


Mary sits up and sees a pleasure boat speeding toward the beach, yelling “Tsunami”. The boat hits land as the ocean begins to recede. Everyone races to higher ground but the tsunami does not come.


If you want the tsunami to come, submit your storyline.


St. Augustine Beach; the afternoon dance in the gazebo by the pier is just ending.


Linda: My, that was loud; I’m still shaking.


Larry: That’s not just you, the ground is shaking.


The Daytona 500 race is in progress. Robert is driving a race car and Robin is in the stands. The ground shaking begins and several drivers almost lose control, including Robert. There are no accidents but the race is put on hold.


News reports: Over the next 2 years, the rumblings cease but the purple haze expands to 250 miles wide and 12 miles high, visible on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean.  Many airplanes and boats have tried to penetrate this purple haze barrier without success. The haze spreads through the ionosphere and moves east. When it reaches the Sahara, phosphorescent purple rain begins to fall. This haze continues eastward until all the arid areas in the northern hemisphere are receiving purple rain. A branch of the haze is now heading toward the southern hemisphere. The glaciers continue to melt. The arid regions are becoming less hot, rivers begin to flow and vegetation flourishes. The oceans continue receding until they reach 12 feet below original height.


Note to wiki contributors: If you are familiar with any of these locations, or others, you may be able to submit other observations, including those on other continents. For instance, what would happen if the oceans were 12 feet lower, or ancient river beds began to flow again, filling long dry lake basins? What if Death Valley and all adjacent valleys were filled with water?


Breaking News: NASA and SETI both receive a message from the direction of the north star, Polaris, simply saying, “STAND BY.”


As the poles and deserts become more hospitable, people spread into them and most, but not all, warring tribes acquire their own lands and sign peace and trade agreements.


Mark’s cell phone rings. NASA informs him that another message has been received. He and Mary and 4 others have been invited to visit the island under the purple haze. “There’s an island there?” inquired Mark. “Yes, and the message called it “Paradise Island,” was NASA’s reply.


Linda, Larry, Robert and Robin all receive the same message from NASA.

Future Chapters

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  • 7.1G Planet Twitter - Colorful Bird People With Different Beautiful Tails
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  • 9.1G Angry Birds on Planet Twitter

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