wiki novel sci-fi
wiki novel sci-fi

Sample of Chapters to come

  • 3.1Ra Cotton Candy Tree; Covered With Goo
  • 5.1R Will There Be War With Planet Combat?
  • 6.1R Planet Cyan - Azure People vs Emerald People

Planet Cyan is in about the same stage of development as earth was in 1492. The Emeralds on one side of the planet don't know about the existance of the Azures on the other side, and vice versa. Both have just begun sailing the crystal clear seas of Cyan.

  • 7.1R Planet Twitter - Colorful Bird People with Different Beautiful Tails

Are the ones that can fly better than the others?

 Or are the ones with the prettiest tails more preferred?


Planet Twitter is in about the same stage of development as earth in 1974. All of their TV shows are finally in color.


On TV now:
Female: "Excuse me dear, I have to go lay an egg."

A few minutes later, she exclaims "We have breakfast."

Male: "oh, that's a most beautiful egg, dear. Why don't you put it in your pouch and hatch it?"

Female: "But I'm hungry!"

"then can you eat one of aunt Myrtle's eggs? You know Myrtle's not furtile."

"Oh, OK!"

Father Bird: "What are you kids watching?"
  • 8.1R Planet Combat - YOUR Land Will Be OUR Land, SOON
  • 9.1R Angry Birds on Planet Twitter

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