wiki novel sci-fi
wiki novel sci-fi

Chapter 4 – Earthlings on Paradise Planet in the Year 2050


Pax: If you look into the valley on your right, you will see our mystical magical miniature circus. We will take you there tomorrow, and then I will tell you why we picked you.


Linda: If you have no night here, how do you know when tomorrow is?


Pax: Day is brighter and less purple, and you can see our sun, and four other suns, including Polaris.


More to follow on the ONE WAY HAZE


Note to wiki contributors: Which suns do they see and which one do they orbit?


The next morning, Pax and the six earthlings go to the circus. The ringmaster announces their presence. Many Paridisians, most resembling earth TV and movie stars,, rise and applaud.


Click here for spin-off “The mystical magical miniature circus of Paradise Planet.”


After the circus, Pax tells them, “You three men have military experience; we don’t. Even if we maintain our shield, as I feel, with earth’s help, we will, we may still be discovered. We have never seen war. Most don’t believe we ever will. We need your help in determining our 3rd planetary neighbor’s motivation and intentions.


But before, why don’t all of you take two weeks to explore the wonders of our planet?


Before the two weeks are up, they learn the President of the United States is going to make an announcement concerning them.


They find a nearby TV and hear, “My fellow Americans: 16 days ago, 6 people flew into a mysterious fog 1000 miles off the east coast of Florida. We have heard nothing from them since, and many are growing concerned, including their friends and relatives.


Although I trust the aliens who created this place, mainly because the earth is a far better place since its creation, but I would like to hear from our people.


Some people believe they saw a spaceship shoot out of this fog. One of our female astronauts aboard the space station thought she saw something fly past, headed toward Mars."

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