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wiki novel sci-fi

Wiki Novel - Chapter 2.1G – Exotic Life on Paradise Island in the year 2050


A small plane is in route to Paradise Island carrying 6 very fortunate people. They will be the first to explore the mystery and magic of this wondrous new place, and discover who made it and why.


As their plane approaches the iridescent purple haze, an opening appears. The plane enters. The haze continues to open ahead of the plane and close behind. Suddenly a beautiful tropical island appears. A landing strip is spotted between rolling hills, along the side of a crystal clear river, with a waterfall in the distance.


Linda is peering out her window into the river and yells, “Mermaid!” All turn to their windows but no mermaid is seen.


The plane lands and all wonder out loud if anyone will be there to greet them.


Linda points downriver and exclaims, “Centaur!” Everyone looks but nothing is seen. All, including Linda, begin to wonder about her sanity, or, at least, her vision.


All wait for their hosts to show but there is no sign of life anywhere. Finally they decide to split up and explore the island. Larry and Linda go downriver, and the other four go upriver toward the waterfall.


We follow Larry and Linda downriver as they decide to go swimming.


While playing in the water, Linda asks, “Do you think I’m crazy for thinking I saw a mermaid and a centaur?” Larry replies, “Honey, I believe anything can happen here.” They then return to the riverbank.


Then, Larry thinks he sees a deer-like animal eating from a fruit tree, so, he goes to investigate.


Linda hears, “Hi Linda” and sees an angel on a tree branch looking down at her. Startled, she falls into the river, hitting her head on a rock. Unconscious, she is swept downriver.


Larry returns to find Linda missing. He peers into the crystal clear water and does not see her. Searching two miles downriver, Larry discovers the river empties into a large cavern. Unable to find a way down, Larry begins his journey upriver back to the plane.


Arriving back at the plane, Larry is greeted by the 4 ecstatic others wishing to tell him of the wonders they had discovered. Larry interrupts to tell them that Linda is missing, and he fears the worst. Mark says that it should be getting dark soon so it might be wiser to wait for morning to search for her.


Meanwhile, Linda momentarily regains conscious long enough to realize that she is in an immense cave system, but instead of being dark, she sees sparkling bio-luminescent cave walls, beautifully shining fish, seahorses, flowers, and many other bright things. She says to herself, “That does it, I’m crazy!” Then she closes her eyes and sinks down.


Back at the plane, all are waiting for darkness but it does not come. Instead, everything is lit in a purple glow. They look up at a purple glowing sky and realize that the purple haze that surrounds the island does not allow darkness to come. As they are looking up, a god-like female appears, and says, “Fear not, Linda is safe.”


Meanwhile, Linda awakens to find her head is in the lap of an angel, a mermaid is looking up at her from the cave river, and a female centaur is standing on the other side of the river. “Is this heaven?” asks Linda. “No, just one of the many beautiful bio-luminescent caves under Paradise Island;” came the reply from the angel, “and just wait until you see our Paradise Planet.”


Linda: We are going to see your planet?


Angel: That’s the plan.


The angel says, “Hi, I’m Angie the angel, this is Merci the mermaid and Cece the centaur, and we all know who the six of you are. We helped pick all of you.”


Linda tells them, “If I go back and tell them this, they will build a cage for me.” “Don’t worry;” was the reply, “we will go with you. Our leader should be there by now, so let’s hurry.”


Angie the angel picks Merci the mermaid up in her arms and Cece the centaur swims across so Linda can climb onto her back and all head away.


At the plane site, the god-like female comes down from the purple canopy and explains, “I am Pax, the Roman Goddess of Peace, also known as the Greek goddess Irene, and now the world leader of Paradise Planet. The Paradisians have mastered many things, including gravity control and DNA technology. Earth was on the verge of destruction. Paradise Island saved earth. Now the Paridisians need earth’s help. We have maintained a shield around our planet, similar to the haze around Paradise Island, for over 500 years. This has kept us safe from a hostile neighbor planet. Within two years, we will have depleted our supply of a material to maintain the shield. Earth has this material in great abundance and has no use for it. We could steal it. Earthlings would never miss it. Actually, earth would be better off without it, but we don’t steal.”


Note to wiki contributors: What is this material? Bio-luminescent algae, or something else? 


On the way back, Linda observes a starship landing.


Mark looks up and says, “What a sight, an angel flying in, carrying a mermaid in her arms, and Linda riding on the back of a centaur. And all are female and all are beautiful. Thank you, God”


Mary: I beg your pardon.


Mark: I can look, can’t I, dear?


Mary: As long as looking is all you do.


Pax explains, “With genetic engineering, anyone on our planet can be anything they want to be: thin, beautiful, a mythical person or animal; anything. And if they wish, a month or so of transioning, they can be something else.”


Robert asks, “You mean someone can commit a crime and then become something else?”


Pax: There is no crime on our paradise planet. Everyone has everything they could possibly want. Also, no super rich or super poor.


Mary: Are you truly a Roman and Greek goddess?


Pax: Remember what I said, “on our paradise planet, anyone can be anything.” I wish to be Pax.


Mary: That can be confusing.


Pax: Yes, but also very interesting.


Linda: I feel I should be hungry, but I’m not.


Pax: On this island and on our planet, food, drink, and sleep are not required. You may have noticed, the air is different here. All the nourishment you may need is in the air.


Our starship is ready. If you wish, you may now visit our planet.

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